Welcome to CompSys, a Computer Science conference designed to showcase the success stories of Dutch Computer Systems research, while fostering and strengthening national and international collaboration.

At CompSys, we aim to provide a meeting space for research and industry ideas in the area of computing and computer science. Building up on the success of six editions (2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017), we emphasize efforts on community building and provide a forum to discuss ongoing and future projects among all members of academic research groups in the Netherlands.

The conference focuses on the major research and practice themes related to computer systems. We envision a diverse program, featuring keynotes on advanced topics, strong scientific contributions, panel discussions, and exciting new ideas. We strive for a diverse participation from all the interesting and interested parties in the Netherlands, and we welcome senior members of the research community, junior faculty members, Ph.D., and master students.

Future Computer Systems and Networking (FCSN)

The CompSys community is represented in the IPN SIG on Future Computer Systems and Networking (FCSN) [1]. The IPN SIG on Future Computer Systems and Networking (FCSN) is a network of scientists and technology experts in the Netherlands focusing on this exciting research topic. FCSN aims to represent the interests of all Dutch academic institutions, research labs and organizations, and research-oriented societal stakeholders. We develop the field, link with all areas of governance and societal impact in the Netherlands and beyond, and educate the society and the next generation of specialists in this field.

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