Day 1: Monday May 27TimeTypeActivityPresenter(s)Author(s)
 9:45 - 10:00Welcome and Opening RemarksWelcome and Opening RemarksVasilios AndrikopoulosThe CompSys 2024 organization
 10:00 - 11:00Keynote (chair: Vasilios Andrikopoulos)KEYNOTE: Affordable and sustainable data- and compute-intensive radio astronomyRoelien Attema-Van Waas and Chris Broekema (ASTRON)Roelien Attema-Van Waas and Chris Broekema (ASTRON)
 11:00 - 11:30Break   
 11:30 - 12:30Research Talk (Chair: Daniele Bonetta)Columbo: A Reasoning Framework for Kubernetes' Configuration SpaceMatthijs JansenMatthijs Jansen, Sacheendra Talluri, Krijn Doekemeijer, Nick Tehrany, Alexandru Iosup and Animesh Trivedi
  Research TalkLog Parsing in the Era of Modern Software SystemsStefan PetrescuStefan Petrescu
  Research TalkLeveraging Hardware Prefetching by Designing Datastructures around Strided Access PatternsMiguel BlomMiguel Blom, Kristian Rietveld and Rob van Nieuwpoort
 12:30-14:00Lunch break   
 14:00-15:00Research Talk (Chair: Kawsar Haghshenas)Optimizing QoS in Wireless IoT Networks: A Cross-Layer based Experimental StudyKamran ZiaKamran Zia and Alessandro Chiumento
  Research TalkDesigning Energy-Efficient Cell-Free Wireless Networks: A Stochastic Geometry Based ApproachSyllas MagalhaesSyllas Magalhaes, Suzan Bayhan and Geert Heijenk
  Research TalkData On the Go: Seamless Data Routing for Intermittently-Powered Battery-Free SensingGaosheng Liu Gaosheng Liu and Lin Wang
 15:30-16:30Research Talk (Chair: Ben van Werkhoven)Kernel Launcher: C++ Library for Optimal-Performance Portable CUDA ApplicationsStijn Heldens Stijn Heldens and Ben van Werkhoven
  Research TalkAuto-tuning OpenACC Applications with Kernel TunerAlessio Sclocco Alessio Sclocco and Ben van Werkhoven
  Research TalkEfficient Search Space Construction for Auto-TuningFloris-Jan WillemsenFloris-Jan Willemsen and Ben van Werkhoven
 16:30 - 17:00Break   
 17:00-18:00Research Talk (Chair: Alessio Sclocco)AI Workloads on GPU, Profile and AnalysisMahmoud Alasmar Mahmoud Alasmar and Kawsar Haghshenas
  Research TalkBenchmarking Dynamic Graph Processing Systems: a Case Study for BLADYGShaoshuai DuShaoshuai Du, Ana-Lucia Varbanescu and Andy D Pimentel
  Research TalkSystematic Performance Benchmarking of emerging HPC Processors for HemocellJelle van DijkJelle van Dijk, Gábor Závodszky and Ana Lucia Varbanescu
 18:00-18:30Time to check in / refreshfree time  
Day 2: Tuesday May 28TimeTypeActivityPresenter(s)Author(s)
 09:30-10:30Keynote (chair: Suzan Bayhan)KEYNOTE: Interactive and Connected Battery-Free SystemsPrzemysław Pawełczak (TU Delft)Przemysław Pawełczak (TU Delft)
 10:30 - 11:00Break   
 11:00-12:30Research Talk (Chair: Marcela Tuler de Oliveira)Asynchronous Multi-Server Federated Learning for Geo-Distributed ClientsYuncong ZuoYuncong Zuo, Bart Cox, Jérémie Decouchant and Lydia Chen
  Research TalkHybrid Scheduling for Serverless FunctionsYuxuan ZhaoYuxuan Zhao, Weikang Weng and Alexandru Uta
  Research TalkPriCE: Privacy-Preserving and Cost-Effective Scheduling for Parallelizing the Large Medical Image Processing Workflow over Hybrid CloudsYuandou WangYuandou Wang, Neel Kanwal, Kjersti Engan, Chunming Rong, Paola Grosso and Zhiming Zhao
  Research TalkExDe: Design Space Exploration of Scheduler Architectures and Mechanisms for Serverless Data-processingSacheendra TalluriSacheendra Talluri, Nikolas Herbst, Cristina Abad, Tiziano De Matteis and Alexandru Iosup
 12:30 - 14:00 Lunch    
 14:00 -15:00JOINT Keynote (chair: Rob van Nieuwpoort)JOINT KEYNOTE WITH NCCV: Sustainable Deep Learning: A Systems PerspectiveLin Wang (Paderborn University)Lin Wang (Paderborn University)
 15:00 - 15:30Break   
 15:30-16:30Research Talk (Chair: Dolly Sapra)MoreFixes: A Large-Scale Dataset of CVE Fix Commits Mined through Enhanced Repository DiscoveryJafar AkhoundaliJafar Akhoundali, Sajad Rahim Nouri, Kristian Rietveld and Olga Gadyatskaya
  Research TalkSpecProbeGuard: A Reactive Defense Against Speculative Probing Attacks in the Linux KernelDave QuakkelaarDave Quakkelaar
  Research TalkExplanation of Clustering Methods for Distinguishing Android Malware FamilyRui LiRui Li, Olga Gadyatskaya and Feiyang Sun
 16:30 - 17:00Break   
 17:00-18:00Research Talk (Chair: TBA)Boosting the Performance of Lightweight HAR Models with Attention and Knowledge DistillationÖzlem Durmaz Özlem Durmaz and Sümeyye Ağaç
  Research TalkVariational Inference and Mixed-Precision: Approximating Vision Transformers for the EdgeDewant KatareDewant Katare, Sam Leroux, Marijn Janssen and Aaron Yi Ding
  Research TalkTowards Complete Quantum Network Stacks, A SurveyZiyan ZhangZiyan Zhang, Chrysa Papagianni, Florian Speelman and Paola Grosso
 18:00 - 18:30Town hall & community session   
 18:30 - 20:30Dinner (joint with NCCV)   
 20:30Pubquiz (joint with NCCV)   
Day 3: Wednesday May 29TimeTypeActivityPresenter(s)Author(s)
 10:00Research Talk (Chair: Vasilios Andrikopoulos)FootPrinter: Quantifying Data Center Carbon FootprintDante NiewenhuisDante Niewenhuis, Sacheendra Talluri, Alexandru Iosup and Tiziano De Matteis
  Research TalkTowards a Workload Trace Archive for Metaverse SystemsJesse DonkervlietRadu Apsan, Damla Ural, Paul Daniëlse, Vlad-Andrei Cursaru, Eames Trinh, Jesse Donkervliet and Alexandru Iosup
  Research TalkEnabling Operational Data Analytics for Datacenters through Ontologies, Monitoring, and Simulation-based PredictionShekhar SumanShekhar Suman, Xiaoyu Chu, Dante Niewenhuis, Sacheendra Talluri, Tiziano De Matteis and Alexandru Iosup
 11:00 - 11:30Break   
 11:30 - 12:30Research Talk (Chair: Kuan-Hsun Chen)Reviving Storage Systems Education in the 21 st Century — An experience reportAnimesh TrivediAnimesh Trivedi, Matthijs Jansen, Krijn Doekemeijer, Sacheendra Talluri and Nick Tehrany
  Research TalkBFQ, Multiqueue-Deadline, or Kyber? Performance Characterization of Linux Storage Schedulers in the NVMe EraZebin RenZebin Ren, Krijn Doekemeijer, Nick Tehrany and Animesh Trivedi
  Research TalkZWAL: Rethinking Write-ahead Logs for ZNS SSDs with Zone AppendsKrijn DoekemeijerKrijn Doekemeijer, Zebin Ren, Nick Tehrany and Animesh Trivedi
 12:30 - 12.45Closing & Best Presentation AwardClosing & Best Presentation AwardSuzan Bayhan & Rob van NieuwpoortThe CompSys 2024 organizers
 12.45 - 14.00Lunch