We are delighted to release the final agenda/program for CompSys 2017. The program contains further details of each presentation including title and the main theme(s) of each speaker.

11:00WelcomeArrivalThe organizers
11:20FTGranula: Toward Fine-grained Performance Analysis of Large-scale Graph Processing PlatformsWing Lung Ngai, Tim Hegeman, Stijn Heldens and Alexandru Iosup
11:40FTLevel-optimized BFS: a Model-based Approach to Speed-up BFS Graph TraversaMerijn Verstraaten, Cees De Laat and Ana Lucia Varbanescu L
12:00FTAutomatically Deriving Efficient Implementations of Parallel PageRankBart van Strien, Harry Wijshoff and Kristian Rietveld
12:20FTExpanding graph datasets using samplingAhmed Musaafir and Ana Lucia Varbanescu
14:00KeynoteLessons Learned from 30 Years of MINIXAndy Tanenbaum
14:40STBrainwave: Low power EEG Signal Processing PlatformMohammad Tahghighi, Henk Corporaal and Jos Huisken
14:50STFrom Application Access Traces to Custom Parallel MemoriesGiulio Stramondo, Catalin Bogdan Ciobanu and Ana Lucia Varbanescu
15:00STCoarse Grained Reconfigurable Architectures in the Past 25 Years: Overview andClassificationMark Wijtvliet, Luc Waeijen and Henk Corporaal
15:10STMeasuring the impact of code quality analysis tools in EducationJulian Jansen, Ana-Maria Oprescu and Magiel Bruntink
15:20STProviding A Compiler Technology-Based Alternative For Big Data Application InfrastructuresKristian Rietveld and Harry Wijshoff
16:00FTRevAnC: A Framework for Reverse Engineering Hardware Page Table CachesStephan van Schaik, Kaveh Razavi, Ben Gras, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida
16:20FTA Feasibility Study for a PRF-based Parallel Memory on Maxeler's Dataflow EngineC.B. Ciobanu, Giulio Stramondo, Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Cees De Laat
16:40FTANANKE: a Q-Learning-Based Portfolio Scheduler for Complex Industrial WorkflowsShenjun Ma, Alexey S. Ilyushkin, Alexander Stegehuis and Alexandru Iosup
17:00End of day
17:15Senior staff meeting
09:00KeynoteAcademic career perspectives: a changing sceneHenk Sips
10:00STTrustChain: A Sybil-resistant Scalable BlockchainPim Otte, Martijn de Vos, Johan Pouwelse
10:10STA Testbed for locally Monitoring SCADA Networks in Smart GridsJustyna Chromik, Anne Remke and Boudewijn Haverkort
10:20STPredicting Test Suite Effectiveness Using Static AnalysisPaco van Beckhoven, Ana-Maria Oprescu and Magiel Bruntink
11:00FTCowbird: A Flexible Cloud-based Framework for Combining Smartphone Sensors and IoTRoshan Bharath Das, Nicolae Vladimir Bozdog and Henri Bal
11:20FTP2-SWAN: Real-time Privacy Preserving Computation for IoT EcosystemsMarc X. Makkes, Alexandru Uta, Roshan Bharath Das, Vladimir Bozdog and Henri Bal
11:40FTSenseLE: Exploiting Spatial Locality in Decentralized Sensing EnvironmentsNicolae Vladimir Bozdog, Marc X. Makkes, Alexandru Uta, Roshan Bharath Das, Aart Van Halteren and Henri Bal
12:00FTLDBC Graphalytics: A Benchmark for Large-Scale Graph Analysis on Parallel and Distributed PlatformsAlexandru Iosup, Tim Hegeman, Wing Lung Ngai, Stijn Heldens, Arnau Prat-Perez, Thomas Manhardt, Hassan Chafi, Mihai Capota, Narayanan Sundaram, Michael Anderson, Ilie Gabriel Tanase, Yinglong Xia, Lifeng Nai and Peter Boncz
12:20FTPOSUM: A Portfolio Scheduler for MapReduce WorkloadsMaria Voinea and Alexandru Iosup
14:00KeynoteBig Data Challenges in Extreme Scale ScienceManish Parashar
14:40STAn Analysis of Workflow Formalisms for Complex Workflows with Non-Functional RequirementsLaurens Versluis, Erwin van Eyk and Alexandru Iosup
14:50STFast exploration of code transformations in CNNs to reduce external memory accessesLuc Waeijen, Savvas Sioutas, Barry de Bruin, Henk Corporaal and Maurice Peemen
15:00STResource Management and Scheduling in Cloud Datacenters that Host BusinessCritical WorkloadsVincent van Beek, Giorgos Oikonomou, Jesse Donkervliet, Stefan Hugtenburg, Siqi Shen and Alexandru Iosup
15:10STOff-the-shelf Embedded Devices as Platforms for Security ResearchLucian Cojocar, Kaveh Razavi and Herbert Bos
15:20Oxidize: Open Framework for Idiomatic Rule PreservationAdrian Zborowski and Clemens Grelck
15:30Social event
09:00KeynoteBoudewijn Haverkort
10:00FTAlessio Sclocco, Henri Bal and Rob Van Nieuwpoort
10:20STThe OpenDC Vision: Towards Collaborative Datacenter Simulation and Exploration for EverybodyAlexandru Iosup, Georgios Andreadis, Vincent van Beek, Matthijs Bijman, Erwin van Eyk, Mihai Neacsu, Leon Overweel, Sacheendra Talluri, Laurens Versluis and Maaike Visser
11:00FTDouble-NAT Based Mobility Management for Future LTE Networks4 Morteza Karimzadeh, Luca Valtulina, Aiko Pras, Hans van den Berg, Ricardo de O. Schmidt, Marco Liebsch and Tarik Taleb
11:20FTOpencraft: Towards Massivizing Modifiable Virtual EnvironmentsJesse Donkervliet, Jerom van der Sar and Alexandru Iosup
11:40GPUexplore 2.0: Unleashing GPU Explicit-State Model CheckingAnton Wijs, Thomas Neele and Dragan Bosnacki
12:00High-Performance Graph Processing on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU PlatformsStijn Heldens, Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Alexandru Iosup
13:20Closing, best presentation awards, announcement for next year.