We have the pleasure of welcoming two keynote speakers at CompSys'18.

Tuesday, 19-06-2018 at 11:00am
Programming networks
By Dr. Paola Grosso
Systems and Networking Lab, UvA
Abstract Current advances in designing and engineering computer networks offer a path toward autonomous and flexible networking decisions. An key element toward this behavior is network programmability. Future networks will be able to react to external events, such as security incidents, and efficiently change their topology and behavior. In this talk I will present our latest research results in this area, and identify the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Short bio Dr. Paola Grosso is associate professor in the Systems and Networking Lab at the University of Amsterdam. She is the coordinator and lead researcher of all the group activities in the field of multi-scale networks and systems. Her research interests lie in the creation of sustainable e-Infrastructures, relying on the provisioning and design of programmable networks. She currently participates in several national projects, such as SARNET, DL4LD, SecConNet and in EU H2020-funded projects such as FED4FIRE+, GN4 and ENVRIPLUS.

Wednesday, 20-06-2018 at 09:00am
Large-Scale Graph Processing for Network-Driven Insights in Finance and Economics
By Dr. Frank Takes
LIACS, Leiden University
Abstract The interdisciplinary field of network science aims to extract meaningful knowledge from network data. In this talk we explore different aspects of this field, related to the efficient computation of network measures, large-scale network visualization and flow simulation. Each of these aspects in one way or the other involves a number of HPC-related methodologies. In addition, when applied to a large-scale dataset of millions of connected corporations across the globe, we demonstrate how we can use these algorithms to obtain new insights in the underlying data. For example, they allow us to better understand the community structure of our global economy, its underlying social structure, but also topics in finance and economics, such as tax evasion.
Short bio Frank Takes is an assistant professor at the computer science department of Leiden University, working on algorithms for extracting actionable knowledge from real-world network data; a field known as computational network science. He is involved in several projects with the Dutch government, the NWO eScience center and Statistics Netherlands (CBS), and is a visiting fellow at the CORPNET research group of the University of Amsterdam, where he works in an interdisciplinary research team on understanding large-scale networks of corporations.