Submission details

CompSys-2019 invites you to submit two types of contributions: research papers and work-in-progress papers.

Long papers

Research papers on your best research results from the past year(s). This includes papers already submitted to and/or accepted at international conferences or workshops (please indicate the original venue on the submission form).

Long papers (not exceeding 12 pages in double-column or 15 pages in LNCS format) can be submitted using any of the commonly used templates (e.g., ACM, IEEE, LNCS) so that no reformatting should be needed in most cases.

Short papers: New ideas or work-in-progress

Since CompSys is a forum that encourages discussions about new and exciting ideas, we specifically welcome extended abstracts and work-in-progress papers. Such submissions are especially suitable for MSc students working towards finalizing their theses or PhD students who have recently started.

Submissions of new ideas or work-in-progress papers requires an short paper of at most 2 pages (not including references) in ACM or IEEE double-column format. The paper should mention the research question being addressed, outline the novelty and/or originality of the idea, approach, or results, and contain a summary of preliminary results.

No copyright

To foster the broadest possible engagement and exchange ideas, CompSys-2019 does not claim copyright, making it possible for you to present work that has already been published or is in the process of publishing elsewhere.

For submission, the PDF format is mandatory.

All contributions will be reviewed by the Program Committee, which assigns an accepted contribution to either a short talk or a full presentation, depending on the advice of the reviewers.

All presentations will be made available in digital format, unless otherwise instructed by the authors.

Outstanding contributions

The best three contributors (authors of a paper, idea, and/or presentation) at CompSys 2019 will be presented with an “Outstanding contribution” award in the final session of the conference.