The full program is available below. All final paper prints and presentations are available in the SurfDrive link sent to registered participants.

12:45-Welcome and opening remarksAnimesh Trivedi
13:00KeynoteUltrafast magnetism and Brain-inspired approaches for Green ICTTheo Rasing-
14:15Paper presentationRocket: Efficient and Scalable All-Pairs Computations on Heterogeneous PlatformsStijn Heldens, Pieter Hijma, Ben van Werkhoven, Jason Maassen, Henri Bal and Rob van Nieuwpoort-
14:25Paper presentationClownfish: Edge and Cloud Symbiosis for Video Stream AnalyticsVinod Nigade, Lin Wang and Henri Bal-
14:35Paper presentationOpenDC 2.0: Convenient Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Technology in Cloud DatacentersFabian Mastenbroek, Georgios Andreadis, Soufiane Jounaid, Wenchen Lai, Jacob Burley, Jaro Bosch, Erwin van Eyk, Laurens Versluis, Vincent van Beek and Alexandru Iosup-
14:45Paper presentationProfiling and discriminating of containerized ML applications in Digital Data Marketplaces (DDM)Lu Zhang, Reginald Cushing, Ralph Koning, Cees De Laat and Paola Grosso-
14:55Paper presentationDDLBench: Towards a Scalable Benchmarking Infrastructure for Distributed Deep LearningMatthijs Jansen, Valeriu Codreanu and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
15:05Work-in-progress presentationA Memory-Centric Partitioning Scheme for Large-Scale Pipeline-Parallel DNN TrainingHenk Dreuning, Rob van Nieuwpoort and Henri Bal-
15:30Paper presentationPractical Byzantine Reliable Broadcast on Partially Connected NetworksSilvia Bonomi, Jérémie Decouchant, Giovanni Farina, Vincent Rahli and Sebastien Tixeuil-
15:40Paper presentationMATCH: A Decentralized Middleware for Fair Matchmaking In Peer-to-Peer MarketsMartijn de Vos, Georgy Ishmaev and Johan Pouwelse-
15:50Paper presentationZCSD: a Computational Storage Device over Zoned Namespaces SSDsCorne Lukken, Giulia Frascaria and Animesh Trivedi-
16:10Panel DiscussionThe Present and Future of Computer and Network Systems in the NetherlandsAlexandru Iosup, Paola Grosso, Kees De Laat, Lydia Chen, with Animesh Trivedi-
17:15Work-in-progress presentationEnergy Harvesting for Heterogeneous CPU-GPU WorkloadsNick Breed, Quincy Bakker and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
17:25Work-in-progress presentationA Case for a Programmable Edge Storage MiddlewareGiulia Frascaria, Animesh Trivedi and Lin Wang-
17:35Paper presentationEPI Framework: Approach for traffic redirection through containerised network functionsJamila Alsayed Kassem, Onno Valkering, Adam Belloum and Paola Grosso-
18:00Social ActivityCompSys PubQuiz Evening-
12:45-Welcome and opening remarksAnimesh Trivedi
13:00KeynoteAutomated Verification of Parallel Nested DFS with the VerCors verifierMarieke Huisman
14:15Paper presentationZero-Cost, Arrow-Enabled Data Interface for Apache SparkSebastiaan Alvarez Rodriguez and Alex Uta-
14:25Paper presentationDyconits: Scaling Minecraft-like Services through Dynamically Managed InconsistencyJesse Donkervliet, Jim Cuijpers and Alexandru Iosup-
14:35Work-in-progress presentationPorting VexCL kernels on Xilinx FPGAsTristan Laan and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
14:45Work-in-progress presentationExploring the scaling performance of Hemocell: a framework for blood flow simulationsJelle van Dijk, Max van der Kolk, Gábor Závodszky and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
14:55Paper presentationParPBM: A Novel Parallel Position Based Click ModelPooya Khandel, Ilya Markov and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
15:05Paper presentationCredit Scoring Prediction using Graph FeaturesLorena Poenaru-Olaru, Judith Redi, Arthur Hovanesyan and Huijuan Wang-
15:30Panel DiscussionCompSys'21 Ask Us Anything sessionSuzan Bayhan, Bala Chandrasekaran, Dick Epema, Paola Grosso, with Animesh Trivedi-
16:30Paper presentationEvaluation of Container Overlays for Secure Data SharingSara Shakeri, Lourens Veen and Paola Grosso-
16:40Paper presentationHow Lightning’s Routing Diminishes its AnonymitySatwik Prabhu Kumble, Dick Epema and Stefanie Roos-
16:50Work-in-progress presentationPeriscope: Censorship-Resistant Off-Chain Traffic TunnelingEmiel de Smidt and Stefanie Roos-
17:00Paper presentationGradeML: Towards Holistic Performance Analysis for Machine Learning WorkflowsTim Hegeman, Matthijs Jansen, Alexandru Iosup and Animesh Trivedi-
17:10Work-in-progress presentationUsing AI to Speed-up Strongly Connected Components CalculationDante Niewenhuis and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
17:20Work-in-progress presentationThe Cost of AlphaZero: the Hive CaseDanilo de Goede, Duncan Kampert and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu-
17:30Concluding remarksAnimesh Trivedi-
17:45-Social evening - the online rooms will remain open-