The full program is available below. Short paper talks should last around 7 minutes, and long paper talks around 15 minutes.

9:45-Welcome and opening remarksJérémie Decouchant and Chrysa Papagianni-
10:00Long Paper(8213) Tiny Autoscalers for Tiny Workloads: Dynamic CPU Allocation for Serverless FunctionsYuxuan Zhao and Alexandru Uta-
10:20Long Paper(5567) Dyconits: Scaling Minecraft-like Services through Dynamically Managed InconsistencyJesse Donkervliet, Jim Cuijpers and Alexandru Iosup-
10:40Long Paper(3722) Towards A Robust Meta-Reinforcement Learning-Based Scheduling Framework for Time Critical Tasks in Cloud EnvironmentsHongyun Liu, Peng Chen and Zhiming Zhao-
11:10Long Paper(7368) A Bayesian Game-Enhanced Auction Model for Federated Cloud Services Using BlockchainZeshun Shi, Huan Zhou, Cees de Laat and Zhiming Zhao-
11:30Long Paper(7572) Live Video Analytics as a ServiceGuilherme Henrique Apostolo, Pablo Bauszat, Vinod Nigade, Henri E. Bal and Lin Wang-
12:00Long Paper(1351) tUPL: Towards a novel way of (parallel) programmingKristian Rietveld and Harry Wijshoff-
12:20Long Paper(2736) Lightning: Scaling the GPU Programming Model Beyond a Single GPUStijn Heldens, Pieter Hijma, Ben van Werkhoven, Jason Maassen and Rob V. van Nieuwpoort-
13:30Long Paper(8172) SMITE: A Statistical Model of Thread Imbalance for Stochastic SIMT WorkloadsStephen Nicholas Swatman, Ana-Lucia Varbanescu, Attila Krasznahorkay and Andy Pimentel-
13:50Short Paper(3330) Exhaustive Performance Exploration of Instruction Ordering on OOO-ProcessorsRens Dofferhoff and Kristian Rietveld-
14:00Short Paper(7855) Hardware Memory Protection for Multicore ArchitecturesMarco Brohet, Ionut Mihalcea, Roberto Avanzi, Andreas Sandberg and Francesco Regazzoni-
14:10Short Paper(3022) Adaptive Memory (Re-)Allocation for Modern WorkloadsWeikang Weng, Alexandru Uta and Jan Rellermeyer-
14:20Short Paper(6727) Understanding NVMe Zoned Namespace (ZNS) DevicesNick Tehrany and Animesh Trivedi-
15:00Long Paper(3879) DangZero: Efficient Use-After-Free Detection via Direct Page Table AccessFloris Gorter, Koen Koning, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida-
15:20Short Paper(1250) Hyperion: A Unified, Zero-CPU Data-Processing Unit (DPU)Marco Spaziani Brunella, Marco Bonola and Animesh Trivedi-
15:30Short Paper(5641) The SPEC-RG Reference Architecture for The Edge ContinuumMatthijs Jansen, Auday Al-Dulaimy, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Animesh Trivedi and Alexandru Iosup-
15:40Short Paper(5963) Analytical performance modeling for complex scientific applicationsJelle van Dijk, Gábor Závodszky and Ana Lucia Varbanescu-
15:50Short Paper(2029) AMOOSE: A Domain Specific Language for the Astrophysical Multipurpose Software EnvironmentMiguel Blom, Kristian Rietveld, Harry Wijshoff and Simon Portegies Zwart-
16:10Keynote + Career award25 Years of Parallel and Distributed Computing Research in ASCIHenri Bal-
20:00Social eventBrewery visit-
09:00Short Paper(5088) User-driven path control through Intent-Based Networking for Inter-domain NetworksAnne-Ruth Meijer, Leonardo Boldrini, Ralph Koning and Paola Grosso-
09:10Short Paper(1740) User association in mmWave networks with beamforming and multi-connectivityLotte Weedage, Suzan Bayhan and Clara Stegehuis-
09:20Long Paper(1590) Tracking container network connections in a Digital Data Marketplace with P4Sara Shakeri, Lourens Veen and Paola Grosso-
09:50Short Paper(3934) Implications of using PCEPS in PCE-based multi-domain networksLeonardo Boldrini, Matteo Bachiddu and Paola Grosso-
10:00Long Paper(7331) Evaluating the Performance of Virtual Network Function Chaining within Healthcare Use CasesJamila Alsayed Kassem, Adam Belloum, Tim Müller and Paola Grosso-
10:20Long Paper(1226) SLAs Decomposition for Network Slicing: A Deep Neural Network ApproachCyril Shih-Huan Hsu, Danny De Vleeschauwer and Chrysa Papagianni-
11:00Short Paper(6393) A Robust and accurate performance anomaly detection and prediction frameworkRuyue Xin, Hongyun Liu, Peng Chen and Zhiming Zhao-
11:10Short Paper(0516) Exploiting time series disorder in attempt to improve generalizability of anomaly detectors in streaming dataNatalia Karpova-
11:20Long Paper(9357) Defending OC-SVM based IDS from poisoning attacksLu Zhang, Reginald Cushing and Paola Grosso-
11:50Long Paper(2289) MASA: Responsive Multi-DNN Inference on the EdgeBart Cox, Jeroen Galjaard, Amirmasoud Ghiassi, Robert Birke and Lydia Y. Chen-
12:10Long Paper(8592) Fed-TGAN: Federated Learning Framework for Synthesizing Tabular DataZilong Zhao, Robert Birke and Lydia Chen-
13:30KeynoteBRIDGES – An Advanced Global Infrastructure for Network Experimentation.Jerry Sobiesky-
15:00Industry Panel-
09:00Short Paper(3324) MUSE: A Trustworthy Vertical Federated Feature Selection FrameworkXinyuan Ji-
09:10Long Paper(6769) Bias in Automated Speaker RecognitionWiebke Toussaint Hutiri and Aaron Ding-
09:30Long Paper(3493) Are Concept Drift Detectors Ready for Production? A Comparative StudyLorena Poenaru-Olaru, Luis Cruz, Arie van Deursen and Jan Rellermeyer-
09:50Short Paper(7088) Efficient Sampling of User Interactions in Information RetrievalPooya Khandel, Andrew Yates and Ana Lucia Varbanescu-
10:00Long Paper(2881) FreezOff: A Middleware for Heterogeneous Federated Learning SystemsBart Cox, Lydia Chen and Jérémie Decouchant-
10:20Long Paper(0815) AGIC: Approximate Gradient Inversion Attack on Federated LearningJin Xu, Chi Hong, Jiyue Huang, Lydia Chen and Jérémie Decouchant-
11:00KeynoteThe Responsible Internet - a new security pillar for the InternetRalf Holz-
12:00Closing and awardsJérémie Decouchant and Chrysa Papagianni-