Tuesday, June 27thPaper/activityPresenter(s)Author(s)
9:45-Welcome and opening remarksKuan-Hsun ChenOrganization Committee
10:00Keynote (Chair: Qing Wang)A New Era In Wireless Networking: Millimeter Wave, RAN Virtualization, AI, and Joint Communication & SensingHaitham Hassanieh
11:30Research Talk (Chair: Qing Wang)A Trace-driven Performance Evaluation of Hash-based Task Placement Algorithms for Cache-enabled Serverless ComputingSacheendra TalluriSacheendra Talluri, Nikolas Herbst, Cristina Abad, Animesh Trivedi and Alexandru Iosup
Research TalkPower Allocation for Multi-Cell Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks: Energy Efficiency vs. Throughput vs. Power ConsumptionSuzan BayhanSyllas Magalhaes, Suzan Bayhan and Geert Heijenk
Research TalkWhen VLC Meets Under-Screen CameraHanting Ye, Jie Xiong and Qing Wang
Research TalkReducing Communication Cost in Federated LearningSaeed Khalilian GourtaniSaeed Khalilian Gourtani, Vasileios Tsouvalas, Tanir Ozcelebi and Nirvana Meratnia
Research TalkServo: Increasing the Scalability of Modifiable Virtual Environments Using Serverless ComputingJesse Donkervliet, Javier Ron, Junyan Li, Tiberiu Iancu, Cristina Abad and Alexandru Iosup
14:00Research Talk (Chair: Kuan-Hsun Chen)Performance Characterization of Modern Storage Stacks: POSIX I/O, libaio, SPDK, and io_uringZebin RenZebin Ren and Animesh Trivedi
Research TalkTropoDB: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a KV-Store for Zoned Namespace DevicesKrijn DoekemeijerKrijn Doekemeijer and Animesh Trivedi
Research TalkFinding Cache-Friendly Multi-Dimensional Array Layouts Using Evolutionary AlgorithmsStephen Nicholas SwatmanStephen Nicholas Swatman, Ana-Lucia Varbanescu and Andy Pimentel
Research TalkDPFS: DPU-Powered File System VirtualizationPeter-Jan GootzenPeter-Jan Gootzen, Jonas Pfefferle, Radu Stoica and Animesh Trivedi
Research TalkmsF2FS: Design and Implementation of an NVMe ZNS SSD Optimized F2FS authors SystemNick TehranyNick Tehrany, Krijn Doekemeijer and Animesh Trivedi
15:30Research Talk (Chair: Nirvana Meratnia)Dataset Distillation for Information Retrieval ApplicationsPooya KhandelPooya Khandel, Andrew Yates and Ana Lucia Varbanescu
Research TalkEnhancing CNN Inference Latency on Edge Devices with Heterogeneous Multi-Processor SoCs: A Layer-Switched Execution ApproachEhsan AghapourEhsan Aghapour, Dolly Sapra, Andy Pimentel and Anuj Pathania
Research TalkAdaptive Random Forest on FPGAFrank RidderFrank Ridder, Kuan-Hsun Chen and Nikolaos Alachiotis
Research TalkAdaptive Services Function Chain Orchestration For Digital Health Twin Use Cases: Heuristic-boosted Q-Learning ApproachJamila Alsayed KassemJamila Alsayed Kassem, Li Zhong, Arie Taal and Paola Grosso
16:30Community SessionIntroduction of the CompSys Manifesto and the IPN FCSN SIG working groupsAnimesh Trivedi, Fernando Kuipers, and Alexandru IosupSteering and Organization Committees
18:30Dinner + Social event
Wednesday, June 28thPaper/activityPresenter(s)Author(s)
09:00Keynote (Chair: Qing Wang)6G architecture driven design to connect the three worldsBahare M Khorsandi
10:30Research Talk (Chair: Qing Wang)A Reference Architecture for Datacenter Scheduler Programming Abstractions: Design and ExperimentsSacheendra TalluriAratz Manterola Lasa, Sacheendra Talluri and Alexandru Iosup
Research TalkThermal Management for S-NUCA Many-Cores via Synchronous Thread RotationsYixian ShenYixian Shen, Sobhan Niknam, Anuj Pathania and Andy Pimentel
Research TalkInvestigation of FlexAlgo for User-driven Path ControlMartyna Pawlus and Julia KułaczJulia Kułacz, Martyna Pawlus, Leonardo Boldrini and Paola Grosso
Research TalkMonitoring Straggler Traffic Flows in Data PlaneHabib MostafaeiHabib Mostafaei
13:30Keynote (Chair: Kuan-Hsun Chen)The right action at the right time: past, present, and future trends in real-time systems designMitra Nasri
15:00Research Talk (Chair: Kuan-Hsun Chen)Efficient Instruction Set Extensions for Homomorphic EncryptionMarco Brohet, Kartik Nayak and Francesco Regazzoni
Research TalkLet Me Unwind That For You: Exceptions to Backward-Edge ProtectionVictor DutaVictor Duta, Fabian Freyer, Fabio Pagani, Marius Muench and Cristiano Giuffrida
Research TalkFinding Profitable Chains of Execution in a HaystackMiguel BlomMiguel Blom and Kristian Rietveld
Research TalkSPRAV: Simple Post-Quantum Remote Attestation for RISC-V DevicesMaximilian BargerMaximilian Barger, Marco Brohet and Francesco Regazzoni
16:15Research Talk (Chair: Nirvana Meratnia)Multi-Objective Optimization of Consumer Group Autoscaling in Message Broker SystemsDiogo LandauDiogo Landau, Jorge Barbosa, Nishant Saurabh and Xavier Andrade
Research TalkContinuum: Automate Infrastructure Deployment and Benchmarking in the Compute ContinuumMatthijs JansenMatthijs Jansen, Linus Wagner, Animesh Trivedi and Alexandru Iosup
Research TalkA comparative analysis of GPGPU simulatorsRoman DahmRoman Dahm and Ana Lucia Varbanescu
Research TalkModeling Power Consumption for GPU KernelsNick BreedNick Breed, Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Stephen Nicholas Swatman
Research TalkHow to Use iFogSim for Energy-Consumption EstimationSaeedeh BaneshiSaeedeh Baneshi, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Anuj Pathania, Benny Akesson and Andy Pimentel
17:30Drinks and Social
Thursday, June 29thPaper/activityPresenter(s)Author(s)
09:00Panel (Chair: Nirvana Meratnia)Bridging the Gap - Industry Uptake of Advanced Research from AcademiaDakshina Dasari, Geoffery Nelissen, Fernando Kuipers and Frank Mertz
10:00Research Talk (Chair: Kuan-Hsun Chen)Assessment of Efficient Dispatching in FreeRTOSFlorian HagensFlorian Hagens and Kuan-Hsun Chen
Research TalkStreaming Task Graph Scheduling for Dataflow ArchitecturesTiziano De MatteisTiziano De Matteis, Lukas Gianinazzi, Johannes de Fine Licht and Torsten Hoefler
Research TalkTowards On-the-Fly Dynamic Load Balancing For A Cell Based Flow SimulationJelle van DijkJelle van Dijk, Gábor Závodszky and Ana Lucia Varbanescu
11:00Keynote (Chair: Nirvana Meratnia)Pixelated Capacitive Sensors for Embedded Smart Multi-Sensing ApplicationFrans Widdershoven
12:00Closing and AwardsQing WangOrganization Committee